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Baby Buddies Playgroup Classes / 12 - 24 months (2-hour class)

Your baby's first graduation from Tiny Tots to Baby Buddies is an exciting time in their learning journey. Your baby is ready to confidently cruise around the classroom, whether it be walking or crawling, and begin to further explore new activities and show interest in what others are doing in the classroom. Your baby will start to respond differently to their peers around them compared to parents and teachers. Also, your child will begin to respond to the teacher’s words and instructions related to the daily routine, and developing the ability to follow other’s body language. Your baby will continue to explore media and materials.

Your baby will grow accustomed to the timetable and anthems will be familiar. Your baby will start to respond with body movements to the catchy tunes such as ‘Now it’s time to tidy up’ and ‘Hungry, hungry’, always a tongue twister for us all!

Table top activities will be available for your baby to explore during free playtime and your baby will be encouraged to interact further during group singing and action song times. Specific art activities will be on offer for your child to take part in related to our two monthly themes. Sensory interaction remains a huge part of the session and your baby will indulge further in the wide range of materials on offer. Your baby will start to engage and show a further interest at story time and start to handle books independently, which plays such a huge part in their future reading skills.

At the end of each class, after your baby has skipped around to Sleeping Bunnies they will be rewarded with a good boy / good girl star, giving them a sense of achievement.

The classes continue to be a wonderful experience for parents and helpers to share their child care experiences. You will observe some big developments in your baby’s social skills throughout the one-year period.

We offer further opportunities for you and your baby to continue their love of learning Mandarin with us, providing a wider choice of classes.

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