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New Playgroup Classes

Dear Families

I hope you have had a fantastic summer, whether it staying in Hong Kong and enjoying our Baby Buddies classes or travelling overseas. It is great to have all the children back to class again,

We do have some New Playgroup Classes and additional classes that we have added to our time schedule, these classes will commence as from September 2018.

Baby Buddies Bilingual Classes

1-2 years old

By far the most popular of classes, our Mandarin bilingual classes.

These classes are an amazing opportunity for both you and your baby to be introduced to the Chinese language through songs, games, arts and of course lots of playing.

Our Wednesday classes are full, we will be adding additional classes on a Thursday. 9-11 A.M and 2-4 P.M

Please do let us know if you would like to add an additional class or to change your Wednesday class to a Thursday.

Toddler Buddies Classes

18 months - 2 years old

Our Toddler Buddies classes are becoming extremely popular and as from September we will be adding two additional classes. These classes are a wonderful opportunity for your toddler to develop further their independent social skills. The classes do involve lots of playing and emphasize on sharing, taking turns and developing relationships with teachers and peers, which are such important skills for the toddlers. The toddlers are encouraged to bring along a small lunch and they will eat together with their peers and class teacher. We also have prime areas of learning that we will focus on each class, which are indicated below.

The classes have become one of my favourite classes to teach and it is very rewarding to form the relationships with the toddlers. Along with a fantastic stepping stone to Nursery class.

Parents/ helpers do need to stay on the school premises throughout the duration of the two hour classes. However this is a great opportunity to make friends within our school community and recharge batteries, with a tea or coffee.

If your child has or will be turning 18 months old please do contact us for a free trial class. Our Toddler Buddies classes will be held five times a week as from September. We do encourage the children to attend twice a week, to assist them with settling into the routine

  • Monday- 11.15 A.M - 1,15 P.M - Language and literacy

  • Tuesday 11.15 A.M - 1,15 P.M - Bilingual

  • Wednesday 11.15 A.M - 1.15 P.M - Bilingual

  • Thursday 11.15 A.M - 1.15 P.M - Language and literacy

  • Friday 111.15 A.M - 1.15 P.M - Maths

Please do contact us for any additional information and send an email to or visit our website


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